basment waterproofing in villanova pa

Don't Let Your Home Get Flooded

Keep things dry by scheduling basement waterproofing service in Swarthmore, Villanova, Media & Glen Mills, PA

Believe it or not, about 98% of basements are affected by water damage. When water seeps in through cracks in your property's foundation, it can result in standing water. You can probably imagine what kind of problems can occur from that-mold and mildew growth, along with other health hazards.

Artistic Masonry Company Inc. provides basement waterproofing services to prevent those issues. We can:

  • Seal your home's walls
  • Resurface walls (also known as basement parging)
  • Install concrete floors, sump pumps and French drains

Reduce unnecessary moisture and prevent mold growth. Schedule basement waterproofing or basement parging services in Swarthmore, Villanova, Media & Glen Mills, PA by calling us today.

Learn about the advantages of a French drain basement

If you have a recurring drainage problem that's affecting your basement, you need to find the right solution to prevent water intrusion. A French drain basement is a great option to consider as it transfers excess water back into the ground where it won't affect your property. If your basement floods frequently or you constantly have standing water, a French drain could solve your problems.

Find out if a French drain basement can benefit you. Contact us now to speak with a contractor in Swarthmore, Villanova, Media & Glen Mills, PA .