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Say Goodbye to Flakey Brick

Work with a masonry contractor in Swarthmore, Villanova, Media or Glen Mills, PA

Many homeowners in Pennsylvania have basements with exposed brick. While this might not be an issue for younger homes, it can become an issue in older ones. Over time, the surface materials of your brick can flake and peel off. This can ruin your interior design and weaken your structure. Luckily, Artistic Masonry Company Inc. has a solution. We offer brick wall resurfacing in Swarthmore, Villanova, Media and Glen Mills, PA.

All you have to do is contact our professional masonry contractor. We'll come to your home and assess your situation. You'll get all the information you need to take the next step. Schedule brick wall resurfacing today.

Update your basement walls

Brick and stone work is simple when you work with the right masonry contractor. Our team is professional and thorough. You'll get a competitive price on efficient services, every time. Once we're finished, your walls will look like they were just installed.

Ask us about our brick and stone work now by calling 610-931-1375. We serve homeowners in Swarthmore, Villanova, Media and Glen Mills, PA.